Established in 2004, Swillas Engineering Limited designs, develops, manufactures, installs, maintains, and markets advanced power electronic products like solar inverters, solar street lights, solar water pumps, solar refrigerators/freezers, solar air conditioners etc. The company’s products convert raw electrical power from any central, distributed or backup power source into high quality power required by electronic and electrical equipment.

As Nigeria’s leading indigenous renewable energy power systems manufacturer, we offer comprehensive customer support packages including customized engineering, proactive service and after sales support, extensive training and a variety of field services.

Our world class solar applications is suited for sectors, such as the Oil & Gas, Banking, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Education, Health Care, Commercial, Mass Media, Security & Surveillance, Religious, Government and most essentially for residential use. With over 14 years’ experience in the business of renewable energy in Africa, we have built a world class team of engineers, with training and certifications within and outside Nigeria, that has over the years developed a culture centered on engineering excellence, innovation and superior customer service delivery. 

Poised to drive the consciousness of renewable energy and how its adoption can reduce the life threatening effects of global warming in Africa, our core aim is to provide the African market with affordable access to high quality and durable solar power systems and world class back up after sales support.

With heightened zeal, we are doggedly committed to developing the next generation of the finest, creative and innovative class of African engineers motivated by the simple goal of creating world class engineering solutions to solve Africa’s peculiar problems especially in the area of renewable energy and global warming.