Swillas operate in the higher growth segments of the advance power electronics market, with established products, and platforms sold to a diverse customer base in Distributed, mobile and programmable power markets in Nigeria.

Distributed Power
We design, manufacture and market advanced power electronics that convert power from renewable, advanced power and storage solutions such as solar and batteries into electrical power that can be used as a primary or backup power source for homes and small businesses to industrial and utility applications. Our distributed power products focus on Solar Power supply for residential and industrial buildings.

Our renewable energy systems offer environmental benefits of using green power and our products are designed to meet power conditions in Nigeria. Swillas products allow customers to increase energy efficiency and freedom while making a positive impact on the environment.

Mobile Power
We design, manufacture and market a wide range of AC and DC products and system solutions that are installed or built into boats, recreational vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, utility and emergency vehicles and automobiles. Our inverters and inverter/chargers produce high quality electricity to run home, office, electrical appliances and other electronic devices while away from utility power and our instrumentation solutions manage and monitor power consumption and usage. Swillas battery chargers convert AC power to DC power and accurately charge batteries so they will operate at peak performance.

We also produce portable power systems that are either combined with a built-in battery source in a compact unit or are designed to work with an external power source such as a car battery or another DC power source. Our products provide electricity that can be used anywhere- at home, at a worksite or campsite on a boat or in a vehicle.

Programmable Power
We develop, manufacture and market Programmable Power supplies and systems for industrial customers to design and develop electronic equipment in a research and development laboratory and to test products during the manufacturing process. Our programmable Power products are also built to provide power to sensitive equipment such as medical equipment.