Education is the back bone of society. And its expedient that proper attention is paid to that sector and that every individual in society is educated, as education increases self awareness and provides opportunity for the every individual.

Widespread illiteracy among the rural people is seen as the major contributing factor in the rural under-underdevelopment and poverty, the spread of literacy is considered necessary for communicating new knowledge and ideas, to that end Providing adequate electricity is necessary for schools, as this is necessary to aid learning.

It is imperative that schools have a 24-hour power supply to help and facilitate some of the school’s activities. Electricity would be necessary for powering microphones that would be used in very large classes.

Electricity is also of vital importance in laboratories, especially the computer laboratory. The school system would consume a lot of capital in buying and running a generator. But with Swillas Solar Power, this money which is being spent can be saved and used for other important needs in the school. Continuous power supply is also needed in the other laboratories as most of the apparatus needed for the practical lessons there need electricity to function. In addition, students need a 24-hour power supply in the hostels especially for the use of fans to help cool the hostels during the really hot afternoons.

In the same way, teachers and workers taking care of the students also need a 24-hour power supply, especially in their apartments for the preparation of lessons and in the offices for carrying out other duties. They would really appreciate continuous use of air conditioners, fans as well as refrigerators and deep freezers for storing and preserving edibles and drinks also for the students’ use.

In order not to overstress the obvious, electricity is something that is very vital in this modern era. Therefore, Schools needs a constant power supply to ensure a smooth running.

Here at Swillas we recognise the necessity of education and can provide alternative means for powering schools everywhere including schools in rural areas where power maybe an issue, We provide solar panels, solar inverters, solar charge controllers, batteries that would provide power supply in schools. We also have experienced personnel that can engage in efficient installation .We are efficiency ,we always deliver